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Issue Date: February 19th 2019
Last modified: March 13th 2019

UNSD Mobile Phone Data training - Bogota 2017

The guide composes of four chapters (Applications, Data sources, Access to mobile phone data and partnership models, Methods) but also contains country case studies in the Annex.

Draft handbook.

Link: https://unstats.un.org/bigdata/taskteams/mobilephone/

Training contents

7x pdfs

Why mobile data?

Introduction and applications of mobile phone data in tourism, mobility and population statistics.

What is mobile network data?

Overview of data generated by mobile communication technologies and choosing the right data source

How to access?

The logical order of steps in the process of data extraction. Understanding the general model for cleaning and processing mobile data.

How to process?

Identification of tourism indicators, calibration and inference. Quality assessment of statistics based on mobile phone data, assessing coverage and selectivity.

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