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15 August to 17 August 2019


Sasana Kijang
Jalan Dato Onn
Kuala Lumpur


Symposium on Data Science and Official Statistics

UN Statistics Division (UNSD) Symposium on Data Science and Official Statistics jointly organized with UNESCAP and UN Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics

Big Data is by definition different from traditional data sources currently used by national statistical systems (NSSs) requiring the development of new methodologies together with upgrading of quality assurance framework, technology, security, privacy and legal matters. This means that new skill sets and competencies are necessary. Some of which could be hired temporarily, others will need to become an integral part of the institution. Data science is one of those new competencies. It is likely that the staffing table of statistical institutions will show quite a few data scientists and data engineers in the near future.

This symposium offers insights into activities on the nexus of Data Science and Official Statistics and corresponding training opportunities. It will consist of lectures, project presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

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