03 - Good Health & Well-Being

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

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  1. Sample annotated image of crop irrigation.
    Service Annotate
    Cost: FREE

    A service to allow fast annotation of various sources of image data

  2. Service Code Respository
    Cost: FREE

    Central code repository for the UN Global Platform.

    Code Respository
  3. Developers Service
    Service Developers Service
    Cost: FREE

    Explore data, develop analytics and build applications securely on the Global Platform. 

    The Developers Service gives you access to code development and data exploration environments.

    Developers Service
  4. Earth Observation
    Service Earth Observation
    Cost: FREE

    Advances in small satellite and remote sensing technology are revolutionising the Earth Observation industry. They are providing critical new sources of consistent, continuous data for atmospheric, ocean and land use studies at a range of spatial and temporal extents.

    The Earth Observation Service provides a solution to the increasing need to distil the underlying data from the visual and hyper-spectral imagery generated by these technologies into actionable information.

    Earth Observation
  5. Location Analytics Service
    Service Location Analytics Service
    Cost: FREE

    Analyse anything that moves.

    The Location Analytics Service is a scalable solution for storing, indexing, querying, transforming, and visualising spatio-temporal data, offering the
    capability to animate millions of entities in your browser.

    Location Analytics Service

Items 1-10 of 16