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Azavea is a software design and engineering firm specializing in the analysis and visualization of massive geospatial datasets. As a certified B Corporation (, Azavea works to advance geospatial technology and research for civic and social impact by partnering with Government, NGO, and Corporate clients on projects ranging from optimized school bus routing, to building detection in satellite imagery, to national-scale watershed modeling. As part of its mission to advance the state of the art in geospatial technology, Azavea publishes freely licensed open source libraries funded through internal investment and research grants. All employees at Azavea are granted 10% of their time to work on a research topic of their choice, and several successful open source projects have grown out of this initiative including: - GeoTrellis (, a power library written in Scala that integrates with Apache Spark and enables global-scale processing of geospatial datasets - Raster Vision ( an end-to-end framework for training and deploying deep learning models on satellite and aerial imagery - DistrictBuilder ( a tool for collaborative redistricting efforts to help eradicate the practice of gerrymandering Azavea is proud to be supporting the UN Global Platform's earth observation capabilities with yet another open source technology, Raster Foundry (, as well as helping to apply novel analytical techniques at global scale in support of quantifying the Sustainable Development Goals and distributing that information efficiently to the countries and regions who have the most to gain from it.

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