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Issue Date: March 11th 2019
Last modified: July 22nd 2019

Methods Service

Share and reuse trusted algorithms and methodologies.

The Methods service allows members of the Global Platform to find, use and publish methods and algorithms in the Cloud. For data scientists, it makes it easy to deploy algorithms and machine learning models that become API callable microservices.

The Methods Service is building a library of trusted statistical methods
and algorithms, facilitating international collaboration. The Cloud native
infrastructure of the service and the APIs allow, for the first time, members
of any international organisation to share and utilize the same algorithms.

The service:

  • holds a library of algorithms – all of which are callable via API
  • offers developers automation of algorithm tests, builds and deployment in a wide variety of programming languages
  • supports statistical methods, AI and machine learning models
  • encourages active collaboration in algorithm creation
  • allows documentation and source code to be made public
  • automatically scales to meet demand
  • is available everywhere, all the time.

As the library of available algorithms grows, the effort needed to adopt
cutting edge methodology will be substantially reduced everywhere in
the world.

Active, international collaboration between data scientists in the development, review and improvement of algorithms is producing trusted methods and algorithms for production of new statistics.

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