Trusted algorithms, utilities and machine learning for statistical analysis of raw research data.

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  1. Method GeosPy: Geolocation Inference Made Easy
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    GeosPy is based off of Jurgens et al. (2015), implementing state-of-the-art methods for geolocation inference.

    GeosPy: Geolocation Inference Made Easy
  2. Map demonstrating the HighwayScrapeR method's output of points on highway.
    Method HighwayScrapeR
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    Sample a queried area for OpenStreetMap (OSM) highways and return points at user defined intervals (in metres) along the matching highways.

  3. Method Outlier Detection
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    Detect outliers in time series data.

    Outlier Detection
  4. Method Time Series Summary
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    Calculate various statistics of a time series

    Time Series Summary
  5. Method XGBoost_SDG_classifier
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    Identify SDGs referred to in text.


5 Items