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Issue Date: February 5th 2020
Last modified: August 4th 2021

People Powered FinOps

People Powered FinOps combines unique tooling, FinOps Solution Architects and tailored commitments to realise cost optimisations not available direct from the Cloud vendor. These are specifically designed to align to your observed cloud usage patterns and your future cloud usage roadmap as explored with your technical and business owners.

Link: https://strategic-blue.com/solutions/optimise-your-cloud-costs/

SDG: 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

Partner: Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue simplify cloud procurement and save customers money on their cloud spend. We offer the human element plus the technology behind the scenes. We have real people using custom built software to optimise your cloud spend. This allows Strategic Blue to take the next step from most self-service tools on the market, using people to create relevant advise based on a personal understanding of your organisation.


Our People Powered FinOps Service provides:


Blue Review

In order for us to help optimise your cloud costs, we need to understand your cloud usage. To do so, we carry out an audit of your cloud spend. We meet with you to assess your historical usage data in order to provide recommendations that will reduce costs.



As experts in cloud optimisation we have financial solutions architects on hand to help provide technical reviews, advice for multi-cloud cost optimisation as well as a technical deep dive review to save money.


Treasure Hunting

We know how hard it is to constantly check on the latest offers including the Cloud Providers Credit and Discount programmes and cloud news, so our Customer Success Managers will send all of these regular updates in one monthly email.

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