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Issue Date: February 5th 2020
Last modified: August 4th 2021

Financial Adaptor

Strategic Blue simplify cloud procurement and save customers money on their cloud spend. The Financial Adaptor suite of services allows organisations to procure cloud resources with more flexibility and assurance than is generally available from cloud providers directly.  This includes extended Payment Terms, Local Currency Invoicing, Cash Flow Shaping (e.g. opex to upfront payments) and Spend Governance (e.g. overspend risk management and credit exposure).

Link: https://strategic-blue.com/solutions/buy-cloud-on-terms/

SDG: 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

Partner: Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue simplify cloud procurement and save customers money on their cloud spend.

Known as a financial adaptor for cloud, organisations buy from Strategic Blue on terms tailored

to suit their financial and contractual needs, helping to overcome cloud procurement barriers

and reducing cloud costs with on-going cost optimisation.


Commit Your Way

We use financial techniques to allow our customers to have customised commitments, meaning their discounts will be for durations that suit them rather than the standard one and three years from the cloud providers.


Pay Your Way


At Strategic Blue we understand that having flexibility to buy cloud the way you want can be key to your organisation's cloud strategy:


  • We can provide options to pay via invoice instead of credit card.
  • We can provide flattening of monthly invoices to stop high peaks impacting your cashflow.
  • We can let you pay in local currency.
  • Another way in which we can help our customers procure cloud, is providing the ability to purchase upfront credits helping customers who prefer to pay using an upfront fixed payment method. Alternatively, we can transform upfront payments to regular monthly payments.


Pay on your Terms

  • Access up to 120 days payment terms.

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