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Division: Directorate of Administrative Records
Issue Date: February 13th 2019
Last modified: February 22nd 2019

Feasibility study on creating indicators using web scraping

Using web scraping of prices for indicators such as CPI

Build on prices published on websites, in order to make various technological and methodological exercises that can generate different types of analysis and development of indicators or indices, such as the consumer price index, based on information posted on the web.

Project Objective:


Project Outcomes:

Statistics using big data to be comparable with traditional statistics

Statistical Area

Economic and financial

Project Sources
Project Sources
Type Of Institution: National statistical office
Big Data Source: Web scraping data
Region: Latin America & the Caribbean
Country Area: Ecuador
Id Country Regional: country
Other Partners: Other
Partnership Comments: Information published on the web
Accessing Data
Accessing Data
Data Access Rights: Only for this project
Data Coverage
Data Coverage
Coverage Geo Pop: Part of country / high % of market
Cost Implication: Free
Coverage Period: 2016
Data Quality
Data Quality
Quality Framework: Quality of output statistics
Quality Aspects Evaluated: Accessibility, Relevance, Validity, Accuracy, including selectivity
Validation Comments: Official consumer price index by surveying.
Quality Framework Comments: the evaluation is quantitative
Data Quality Concerns Comments: It is unknown whether the data are being updated in the source time to time.
Methods Used: Traditional statistical methods
Technologies: Other, Hadoop Clusters
Technologies Comments: JAVA
Income Level: Upper-middle-income
Iso: EC
Timeframe To Produce Indicator: NA
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