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Division: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Issue Date: February 13th 2019
Last modified: February 22nd 2019

Evaluation of credit card data for use in estimates of consumer spending

Evaluation of credit card data for use in estimates of consumer spending.

Comparing estimates from credit card spending to estimates of consumer spending by state.

Project Objective:

Pilot intended to go to production to supplement existing data

Project Outcomes:

Report comparing estimates to consumer spending by state, and the Economic Census.

Statistical Area

Economic and financial

Project Sources
Project Sources
Type Of Institution: National statistical office
Big Data Source: Credit card data
Region: North America
Country Area: United States
Id Country Regional: country
Other Partners: Other
Partnership Comments: Credit card company.
Accessing Data
Accessing Data
Data Access Rights: Only for this project
Data Coverage
Data Coverage
Data Coverage: Only a portion of all data
Coverage Geo Pop: Part of country / low % of market
Cost Implication: Commercial
Cost Comments: This commercial data was obtained at no cost for the pilot project. We will likely need to pay for future data acquisitions.
Coverage Geo Comments: Data cover select states and industries.
Coverage Period: 5 years
Data Quality
Data Quality
Quality Framework: Quality of output statistics
Quality Aspects Evaluated: Privacy and Security, Accessibility, Relevance, Institutional/Business Environment, Validity, Accuracy, including selectivity, Coherence, including linkability to other sources
Validation Comments: The U.S. Census Bureau is comparing estimates to Economic Census data.
Quality Framework Comments: Estimates from pilot project will be compared to published estimates.
Data Quality Concerns Comments: We are concerned about the coverage and representativeness of data.
Methods Used: Traditional statistical methods
Technologies: Spreadsheet, Other
Technologies Comments: SAS
Income Level: High-income
Iso: US
Timeframe To Produce Indicator: NA
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