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Issue Date: March 11th 2019
Last modified: July 22nd 2019

Developers Service

The Service supports users to develop new algorithms, data science
pipelines and applications.

The Service:

  • offers Cloud-based workspaces and notebooks
  • makes JupyterHub and Gitlab available over the web
  • is managed and customized by UN Global Platform and UNSD teams to meet the needs of the Task Team
  • supports R, Python, Julia and more languages
  • is scalable to new users & intensive processing
  • increases the productivity of algorithm and methods development using modern version control
  • allows quick and effective collaboration in distributed teams
  • offers sophisticated project management tools tailored for data scientists and data developers
  • offers native container registry, supporting reproducible research and development
  • automates code execution, algorithm deployment, and manages data pipelines using Gitlab runners.

This service provides environments for programmers and data scientists worldwide to collaborate on projects.

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