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Issue Date: February 5th 2020
Last modified: August 4th 2021

Clarity and Transparency

Cloud vendor bills are often transparent in so far as they do list everything that the end customer has used, however they are often far from clear.  The Strategic Blue Clarity and Transparency group of services offer clear and transparent billing enriched with the ability to perform trend analysis and highlight anomalies with experts available to support in interpretation.

SDG: 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

Partner: Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue simplify cloud procurement and save customers money on their cloud spend. We help take the vast billing data from the cloud providers and return it to your finance and technical teams in a way that is easy to understand helping to inform better commercial decision making. As well as all the above, all the tools we provide can work with other third party software.


Clarity Invoice

At Strategic Blue we understand that having the clarity to see what you are spending and the right tools to understand where the spend goes helps eliminate confusion around cloud wastage. We help you to understand what you are spending your money on and the ability to

track this simply to the penny.


  • We realise that understanding your invoice from the cloud vendor can be very confusing. That's why we have created a billing engine that simplifies this, showing you your top 20 services that you have spent on each month.
  • We can provide unified billing across multiple cloud providers, or separate these as much as you require - i.e. by department.


Clarity Dashboard

Using bespoke technology we have created a clarity dashboard providing our customers with full visibility around their cloud spend in real time. The clarity dashboard provides customers the ability to track usage, costs and savings to the penny. With our Customer Success Team monitoring this for you on a daily basis, your worries of overspend are gone.

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