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Division: Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics Division
Issue Date: February 13th 2019
Last modified: February 22nd 2019

A Big Data Pilot Project - With Smart Meter Data

A Big Data Pilot Project - With Smart Meter Data

In fall 2014, Statistics Canada funded its first big data pilot project. The two key objectives of the project were: 1) to use smart meter data as an example of big data, to explore what is and isn't feasible, as well as the tools and skills required, and the potential benefits and pitfalls of utilizing data of that magnitude at Statistics Canada, and 2) to test the feasibility of replacing and/or supplementing Statistics Canada's residential electricity consumption survey data with smart meter data. Currently, there are several surveys and statistical programs at Statistics Canada that either collect or utilize residential electricity consumption data or data related to residential electricity consumption; these include the Electricity Disposition - Quarterly Sector Survey, Electricity Supply Disposition Annual Survey, Survey of Household Spending, Quarterly Household Final Consumption Expenditure, Detailed Household Final Consumption Expenditure, Consumer Price Index, Purchasing Power Parities, InterCity Indexes of Price Differentials, and the Census. These nine surveys could potentially benefit from smart meter data and each represents an opportunity that could be explored. The potential of smart meter data is that in the future, instead of surveying individual utilities or households, we could collect the data directly from the smart meter entities, which would greatly reduce response burden while increasing relevance, timeliness and accuracy.

Project Objective:

Exploration, Scientific / research

Project Sources
Project Sources
Type Of Institution: National statistical office
Big Data Source: Smart meter electricity data
Region: North America
Country Area: Canada
Id Country Regional: country
Income Level: High-income
Iso: CA
Timeframe To Produce Indicator: NA
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