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8 November to 10 November 2017




4th UN Conference on Big Data

Organized by the UN Global Working Group, DANE and the Colombian Ministry for ICT.

Data Collaboratives are a new challenge and new opportunity for the community of official statistics - in relation to Big Data, to the SDGs, to the sharing of data, services, technologies, and know how.

  • How can statistical offices, technology companies and data owners collaborate in a mutually beneficial way in a changing world, in which data are seen as the most important source for creating wealth and development for all?

  • What are the experiences and lessons learned from existing data collaboratives in relation to coverage, inclusion (and exclusion) of partners, activities, management and financing?

  • How can we share micro-data and other sensitive data in a federated cloud environment given regulatory frameworks for data privacy and statistical laws protection confidentiality?

  • How could we effectively and collaboratively use modern tools and services, such as data lakes, integrated geo-spatial data and statistics, or open source elastic stack while adapting job profiles and skills sets in the statistical office?

These and similar questions will be addressed at the 4th UN Conference on Big Data.

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